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      clean bag
      LDPE clean ziplock bag
      YIFENG dust bags with years of production experience, focused on high cleanliness bags and production, is the industrial equipment manufacturing, Cleanroom Static Control, a leading provider of packaging supplies, with its own non-dust production workshop and packaging production plants, clean PE bags in consumer, industrial clean anti-static PE bag, dust bag electronics industry and its supporting consumables.
      The company now offers a variety of clean product, dust bag, dust-free packaging materials, clean PE bags, clean nylon, nylon cloth clean ...[More]
      Mainland China address:BaoHe industrial park,hefei,China
      Sales and supplier:+86-013349297180
      Business address:the United States New York borough of queens
      Dear Customer Hello, welcome to visit YIFENG website, the company dedicated to accept your comments and suggestions, if you are interested in our products, please click Feedback.
      Online Feedback
      Mainland China address:BaoHe industrial park,hefei,China   Tel:+86-551-63463989   Sales and contact supplier:+86-013349297180   E_mail:sales@cleanbag.cn
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